MT4 Forex EA steps manager is a robot for optimizing your metatrader4 trading strategies.

Steps manager is still under development and not ready for publication. It is planned to exit in 2020. You can familiarize yourself with the possibilities of an expert now.

Features of mt4 steps manager

1. The basis of the whole expert lies in opening the grid in pairs with the multiplication of the lot by trend and against the trend. Based on this, various features were added.

2. Opening the grid in metatrader 4 EA:
50/50 – the grid will begin to open to that side, in which the first level will be affected.
Start Up – The grid will expand levels up.
Get Down – The grid will reveal levels down.

By pressing the trend selection button.
Opening immediately after closing the grid.
By direction indicators in your terminal.
When opening a single transaction in the robot itself or in the terminal.

3. The panel of single transactions:
It is quite simple and was added to the steps manager in order to open the grid when opening a manual transaction, without resorting to other experts. It also provides more opportunities for testing strategies.
You can also use the panel for manual trading, without grids.

4. Closing:
If you chose to open the grid when opening a transaction by you or the robot.
That robot can close the grid if the original transaction was closed.
If the grid closes before the original transaction, the grid will open again.

Close or rediscover the grid if you went in the other direction.

By the number of rollback levels – in order to make a profit.
Coefficient rollback – calculation from the beginning of the grid to the maximum of open levels, also for profit.

Equity trailing – Example, with a deposit of $ 500 and above, close when falling by $ 100

Emergency closures – At a given grid level. By drawdown in the deposit currency.

5. Locks MT4:
If a candle appears on a given timeframe and 3 grid levels open – it protects prices from sudden jumps.
Lock at a given grid level.
the volume of the lock is full to stop the movement of profit and loss. With the possibility of multiplication, division.
Lock Trailing – Ability to stop the development of the grid until the lock closes on trailing. It does not have a stop loss, closes with a grid. Separate magic number.

Grid Levels MT4:
Standard – over the same distance.
Custom levels – set the distance of the levels manually. Effective for trading on indicators such as Fibo or support and resistance levels.
Build, narrow levels in four modes with the ability to modify at given levels.

6. Lot multiplication:
Toward the grid. Against the grid. Modify by levels.
Logical multiplication – the further the level, the greater the multiplication of the lot.

7. Magic numbers – Separate for single transactions up, down, pending. For the grid. For lock.

8. Statistics panel Mt4 – Analyze your grid strategies in the tester or in your account.

9. Prohibition of opening new grids by date and time. An open mt4 grid continues to evolve.

10. Grid visualization – Show you the following grid levels.
Particularly useful for setting arbitrary levels.

11. Indent from the level – If you trade against the trend in a large lot, then in a situation where the price breaks through a level or several levels. A pair of transactions (in trend, against trend) will open on a return in points from the level.

12. Spread out the grid with confirmation of the arrows of the indicators.
Next grid step – Instantly on the next arrow or
Grid step is active if there was an arrow in front of it.

Steps manager EA MT4

Trade style Metatrader4

0 Manual | 1 Auto Trade | 2 Pairs by Arrows | 3 Singles from Magic, Buffer.
Open the first pair of grids.

0 – Manually. At the push of a button.

1 – Auto The first pair of deals will open immediately; upon closing the grid, a new grid will open, a new pair of deals.

2 – By arrows, buffers. When a new arrow appears, a new pair of deals will open and the grid will begin. The options are further in Auto Trade With Custom Any Indicator.

3 – Pickup, opening the grid from an open transaction.
If a transaction with a magic number that matches the specified number was opened in the terminal or in the steps manager expert.
StartUp from or GetDown from or 50/50 from
then immediately with the order the grid will open in the corresponding direction.
Also used to open single trades and grab the net from these burns.
Trend up orders 1.yes | Allow grid up. 1 Yes 2 No
Trend down orders 1.yes | Allow grid down. 1 Yes 2 No
Close, Reopen if incorrect direction 1.yes
1 yes 2 no
Close the grid if you went in the wrong direction.
Reopen the grid if it went in the wrong direction for mode 0 Auto.
To close the grid DOWN which went up, use the distance
First grid step Up trend (Grid step points * x =) .
Use the distance to close the UP grid that went down.
First grid step Down trend (Grid step points * x =) .
Use the distance to close the Down grid that went up.
Meta trader 4 expert trading mode
For trading mode 3 – Pickup, opening a grid from an open transaction.
Choose the grid directions for magic numbers.
StartUp from Magic | Open grid up
GetDown from Magic | Open grid down
50/50 from Magic | In two directions, the direction is from the first affected level, up or down.
Close All if original order closed true-yes, false-no
true yes, false no.
Close the picked up grid if the initial order was closed.
It is also used for automated trading by indicators.

Grid and Steps

Grid step points Standard grid step width.
Meta trader 4 Grid step points
First grid step Up trend (Grid step * x =) | First level up.

First grid step Down trend (Grid step * x =) | First level down.
1. Simple & multi Steps – Automatic calculation of grid steps relative to grid step points. By default, each next level will be equal to Grid step points. To expand, narrow the grid steps, use the parameters Grid and Steps | Multi Grid.
0. Custom steps – Custom mesh steps. Created manually from 11 and
12, 13, 14 and plus. the level will be equal to the 11th.
Each next grid step originates from the previous one. The first from the first pair of transactions.
Metatrader 4 custom steps grid
Set your grid steps width.
Custom Step 1 []Points
Custom Step 2 []Points
Custom Step 3 []Points
Custom Step 4 []Points
Custom Step 5 []Points
Custom Step 6 []Points
Custom Step 7 []Points
Custom Step 8 []Points
Custom Step 9 []Points
Custom Step 10 []Points
Custom Step 11+ []Points
Rollback before open Metatrader 4
Roll back points from step before open

Grid and Steps | Multi Grid

1 ++ 2 — 3 +- 4 -+
Expansion, narrowing of the next steps of the grid.
Step to Start Enlarge / Reduce grid steps
At what step of the grid to begin to expand, narrow the step of the grid.
Multiple next step size
How much to expand, narrow the mesh pitch.
Mod Step to Start Enlarge / Reduce grid steps
From which grid step to modify the extension, narrowing of the grid step,
and also switch to the second value of the selected mode
1 ++ 2 — 3 +- 4 -+ .
Mod Multi Step
How much to expand, narrow the mesh pitch.


First lot | The first lot for the first pair, for transactions in the up and down directions. The first lot is always equal for both deals of the pair.

Lot multiplier

Logic Multi lot 1.yes
0 – Standard lot multiplication, with modification of changes in levels.
1 – Logical calculation of the lot. The further the next step of the network, the more lots will be at this level.
Multiplication calculation only by “Start Trend lot multiplier and Start Countertrend lot multiplier”.
Start Trend lot multiplier
Lot multiplication by trend.

Start Countertrend lot multiplier
Lot multiplication against the trend.

New Multi Lot from Step
Modification of the multiplication of the lot from the level.

Trend lot multiplier 2
Modification of the multiplication of the lot by trend.

Countertrend lot multiplier 2
Modification of the multiplication of the lot against the trend.

New Multi Lot from Step
Modification of the multiplication of the lot from the level.

Trend lot multiplier 3
Lot multiplication by trend.

Countertrend lot multiplier 3
Lot multiplication vs trend.

Exit Options

Mt4 Coeficient back close 1 Modifity FROM step =
The closing ratio of the level.

Coeficient drawdown back close 1
Closing ratio.

Coeficient back close 2 Modifity FROM step =
Closing ratio, modification by level.

Coeficient drawdown back close 2
Closing ratio
Rollback, number of steps Grid step points from the last open grid step.
Steps back close Modifity UNDER step =
Rollback steps to step.

Steps back close
The number of rollback steps, you can use 0.1 or 2.5 of the width of the Grid step points.

Steps back close Modifity FROM step =
Modify rollback of steps after step.

Steps back close 2
The number of rollback steps.
Metatrader 4 EA Closing of all transactions, rollback equity, including single orders.

Close by equity start money
How much start is taken. 0 not active.

Close by equity trailing money back
How much money will be lost, from the maximum amount, while there will be closing on equity.

Balance guard protection

Close all in Loss if steps = x “for loss grid”
Close the grid if the number of levels is reached towards the grid.
Close all if drawdown = base currency
Close All transactions with open losses equal to the specified.

Lock Magic
Magical number of locks.
Grid Lock ea mt4
Continue grid if lock open
Continue opening the grid if the lock is open.
True – yes. False – Wait for the lock to close.
Lock TrailingStop
Start trailing lock in points.

Lock TrailingStep
Lock trailing step in points.
Lock Size 0-inactive 1-full 0.01-1% from Locked orders
Lot size 1 Completely blocks loss. 0.01 Blocks 1% loss rate. 3 Lock will be 3 times the loss.

BreakOut Lock
A lock that opens if 3 grid levels open on one bar.

TimeFrame | What time frame to fix 3 grid levels.
Max Series in single bar | How many locks can open on one bar. The next lock will not open until the previous one closes.

Simple Lock
Lock from a given grid level.

Simple Lock on step
What step to start lock.

Simple Lock Stop on step
From which step do not open the lock anymore.


Panel text color | The color of the text on the panel.
Grid Lines amount to show
The number of next levels to display.


Magic | A magic number for grid transactions.
Wait actual spread Maximum spread allowed
The spread at which the opening of the first pair of the grid will be available.
End time for new grids | Time and date after their expiration, the following grids will not be able to open, however open ones will be able to develop further.


Notifications of changes.

Step | The number of grid steps reached.
Equity drawdown | Drawdown is higher than specified.
Equity profit | The increase in money is greater than the set.
Attention text false-no true-yes | Show warnings on the chart.
Equity profit | The increase in money is greater than the set. false-no true-yes.
Grid Closed Signal | grid close alert.

Auto Trade With Custom Any Indicator

Trading by indicators.

Market\\Paste Market Indicator name
Enter the name of the indicator installed in the terminal.
Just like it is written in the indicator panel, with space in the name, if have.
If the indicator is downloaded from the market, then change “Paste Market Indicator name”
to indicator name.
If the indicator is in the main folder of indicators, then erase the entire line and enter the name of your indicator.
Enter the parameter list using the delimiter
Here indicate all the indicator parameters or part of the first parameter.
Enter parameters with / without spaces between the separator.
If you are satisfied with the standard parameters of the indicator, then erase the field and leave it blank.
The colors of the indicators do not matter for trading and display, you can replace them with any numbers.
Indicator parameters with a choice, drop-down list, replace with serial number, first choice, set 0, second 1, etc.
Arrow Buffer for Direction 1 or 2 | The buffer along which the grids will open in the direction Direction 1 or2.
* If you are in trading mode 2 Pairs by Arrows, then these buffers will start the grid.
Metatrader4 Direction 1 or 2 Grid direction selection from arrow, buffer.
Shift bar to open | On which bar will the signal to open be fixed.
Arrows Confirmation | Grid development with confirmation arrows, buffers.
true-active false-without confirmation.
Arrow Confirmation for Direction 1 or 2 What arrow, buffer, wait to open the next grid level.
Filter Arrows Before Steps – Without a filter, the next level will be open if there was an arrow in front of it.
ArrowBeforeFiltred – Will not allow the next level to open if the level has been broken before the arrow appears in front of it.

In both cases, if the arrow appeared beyond the level distance, then a pair of grid transactions will open immediately upon the signal of the arrow.

Single order By Arrow

Single order By Arrow – If you open a single trade by the appearance of the arrow, the buffer. true-yes false-no.
* Used for trading mode 3 Start from Magic, Buffer.
Order type for “Arrow Buffer for Direction 1 and 2” | If you allowed “Single order By Arrow” and you are in mode 3 “Start from Magic, Buffer” then set the type of transaction using the direction buffer Direction 1 or 2.
Stop Loss, Take Profit, Lot, Distance Pending Order, Trailing Start, Trailing Step. For single orders “Single order By Arrow”.
Open grid MT4 with Single order By Arrow – If you open the grid with a single trade “Single order By Arrow”. true-yes false-no.
Reopen Grid pairs – If such a grid was opened, then if true, the grid will be reopened by closing it until the original transaction closes. If false then one grid for one.
Wait Time to Reopen Grid pairs – for “Reopen Grid pairs” Grid Overlay Expectations.
Close Original Single if Grid Closed – Close the original order, from which there was a net pickup if this grid was closed.

Panel With Buttons for Opening Orders

Magic Button Buy, Magic Button Sell, Magic Button Buy Stop/Limit, Magic Button Sell Stop/Limit. Magic numbers for transactions from the panel “Single”.
* You can use these numbers to pick up the grid in 3 “Singles from Magic”. That’s why the panel “Single” was added.

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