EA No back classic plus Parameters

Indicator Parameters
NameIndicator = Indicator folder/Indicator Name
For traded on a separate indicator. The location of the indicator.
If the indicator is from the market, then market/indicator name
If the indicator is in the main folder of indicators, then only its name and without format .exe.
CustomParam = Enter the parameter list using the delimiter /
Parameters of an external indicator. For example, the parameters:
uparrow “blue”, down arrow “red”, period 1 “15”, period 2 “140”, time frame “H1”, method “weighed, alert “false”
And so, colors can be replaced with just numbers. 1/2
Digital parameters will remain. Time frame M1 M15 M30 H1 H4 Daily Weekly – as in the indicator.
For output parameters, zero for the first, 1 for the second, and so on.
true or false, 0 true 1 false – what comes first on the list.
If you need only the parameters period and method then
If only the period then
Arrow NoBack
Arrow RollBack
Internal indicator “no back” – Display arrows
NoBack line
Internal indicator “no back” – Display lines without rollback
Trade by NoBack indicator false – trade by custom
Trade from the indicator no back or introduced above
Trade bar 0 instantly 1 new bar open or set more
From which bar to trade
0 immediately upon signal
TimeFrame NoBack indicator
Indicator “no back” time period
Trade by indicator buffer 1
Buffer 1
Trade by indicator buffer 2
Buffer 2
No back fixation [points]
Calculation minimum without rollback
Back after no back [points]
Calculation of rollback after no rollback
Order type for “Arrow Buffer for Direction 1”
Transaction Type for Buffer 1
Order type for “Arrow Buffer for Direction 2”
Transaction Type for Buffer 2
Do pending orders virtual (Optimal for risk lot)
Make Deferred Deals Virtual
If you trade risk and virtual orders, then the risk will be calculated when crossing the line
If trade by ordinary pending orders, the lot will be calculated at the time of placing the pending order

Order Parameters
Method calculation Volume
Choice of Risk Calculation, from balance, equity, free margin
Risk 0 to disable
Lot calculation from risk
0 not active, you can use 0.1 or 2.5 for example
Standard lot, no risk
Stop loss
Take profit
Distance Pending Order
Max spread
Expiration buffer 1
Expiration buffer 2
Expiration time of pending orders in bars
Max orders Buy
Maximum Buy orders
Max orders sell
Maximum Sell orders

Trailing Options
inpTrailStepSwitch = fromtop;
Trailing fromtop – when Traill start and higher is reached, the price will roll back to the Traill step and the order will close
frombottom – when Traill start and higher is reached, then the Traill step will be pulled up from the transaction opening price
Traill start
Traill step

Trading time
Intraday trading time
1 24 from 01:00 AM to 00:00

Momentum recovery
Experimental ad-don to recovery loss
How it w
If the order was closed by Stop loss of the transaction, then if you return to the opening price, a new order will be reopened, in the hope that it will close in profit
Max Recovery orders
Maximum recovery orders from each losing trade
Recovery order multi
Multiplication of the lot of the first and subsequent transactions from the initial losing
Recovery order expiration
The number of bars from the last transaction, if expired, the chain of recovery orders goes out
Recovery order Stop loss
Stop loss recovery deals modified
Recovery order Take profit
Take profit recovery orders modified
If absent, then close by trailing

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